Turkish Language Classes

Did you know that over 300 million people in the world speak Turkish?  If you are interested in learning another language, join our classes. TIECS’s Turkish language class is designed to help you gain competence in modern Turkish language and Turkish culture through communicative learning.

Turkish ClassOur Beginner course is a great way to start making yourself understood: learn how to greet people and introduce yourself in Turkish, ask others how they feel and let them know how you feel, ask about occupations.

By the end of the course, students will have covered basic grammatical constructions and acquired an essential working vocabulary allowing them to communicate within a limited range of situations in which learners are likely to find themselves. The language is presented together with the cultural context by the native teachers.

The Intermediate program aims to consolidate the basis of Turkish grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, with coverage of more complex structures and vocabulary; emphasis on spoken communication and listening and reading comprehension.

The student who completes this stage learns the three basic tenses (past tense, present continuous and future) and the student is able to use them adequately. Also the student can converse in everyday conversations easily and can ask and answer simple questions.

And finally our Elementary following the Intermediate Turkish Course, aims to provide the learners with more in depth knowledge about Turkish language and the culture. In the class, the learners are encouraged to interact with each other using Turkish, practicing the structure and lexical items learnt in pairs or in small groups. At the end of this level, our students can converse fluently in everyday conversations. They are able to use some complex phrases and ask and answer some complex questions.

Course Material

Course material is included in the price and will be supplied by the teacher.

Course Fee


Course Duration

20 hours (2 hours per week for 10 weeks)

Entry Requirements

You have to pass level exam.

Course Location

23 Marlborough street. Dublin 1

How to apply

Fill in the form on our Contact us page.

The courses are for everyone aged above 16 years. All levels of Turkish language are taught by experienced teachers. We also offer FREE Turkish conversation nights during which our students get a chance to speak only Turkish.